Family atmosphere enabling productivity, commitment and excellent customer relationships

  • As a family business, we can make decisions fast and in a way that fosters our interests in a long-term relationship with you as our partner.
  • With our company size of ten people working “on the material” and four in the management, we are capable of controlling incoming and outgoing material instantly and pass on feedback directly, precisely and to the correct recipient, allowing us to react on problems immediately and target-oriented.



Quality system and in-house testing for superior quality:

  • Keeping quality and flexibility of our solutions on the highest level is our goal at any time
  • To reach this goal, we introduced a Quality System standardizing procedures and allowing a complete retracing of work-steps
  • We are certified in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) and Liquid Penetrant Testing (LP) testing, allowing us to reduce lead time while converting results of the testings into improved processes.

→ Both leverage our quality and speed of delivery.

Quick response times and flexibility within our effective network of partners and suppliers:

  • As a company with firm ties within the Bergamo cluster, we collaborate tightly with our suppliers engaging in long-term-partnerships

→ This enables us to react flexibly and reliably on your inquiries and allows us to offer a complete solution and execute your orders within a short period of time.


DSCN1324 (2)

Manpower flexibility facilitating availability and speed of delivery:

  • Collaboration with external experts and service providers facilitates the adaptation of manpower according to workload without delay or orientation time.
  • Again this increases our flexibility and speed of delivery.

Social and environmental sustainability:
We emphasize the trust in our workers and the interest in a long-term working relationship. Most of our staff members work for AB for their whole life, making AB able to use their know-how and experience, while our employees repay our trust with the willingness to give what it takes for our company.
With a photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the production facility, we produce most of the electrical energy we use in-house, facilitating a certain autonomy while making a contribution to environmental sustainability.

Reliability and customer satisfaction
We like the idea of solving a problem. In case our competences are not satisfying, we are ready to get together with our clients to find a solution quickly and efficiently.
The majority of our employees are in the company for their whole life, which shapes our company mentality, that is the common goal of a sustainable success in a long-term perspective.
Within the market we work, we want to reach the goal of being a fast and efficient supplier for our clients