In various fields such as refinery, oil & gas treatment, chemical applications or water purification, high pressure is in place.
Whenever tubes are exposed to a certain pressure, the manufacturing process is complex and issue to tests guaranteeing functionality even and especially under high pressure.

We specialize in connecting machinery parts by construction of the entire piping system of mechanical machinery:

  • connecting high pressure pipes by welding (tube/tube-joints)
  • connecting flanges to pipes by welding (tube/flange joints)
  • welding of tubes with eccentric or concentric reduction (tube/fitting joints)
  • All high-pressure piping systems are welded in conformity to ASME IX standards
  • Tubes and flanges are supplied by local, certified vendors, with whom we work closely for years
  • Orders are finalized meeting deadlines and within budget
  • We manufacture the piping system precisely, so that assembly can be done without further adaptations: With our piping construction we respect quality standards necessary for use of piping within mechanical systems
  • If wished, assembly can be done in-house