Today: With modern equipment and highly skilled workers we are ready to meet the requirements of the industries we are working for...

2010: The determined decision to focus the growth strategy of the company on complex high-pressure piping and skids pays off with high and rising quantities of orders and clients active in growing markets.

2007: AB moves from the old location to a modern area, in order to adapt to the growing staff number.

2006: AB reaches the strategic decision to concentrate exclusively on solutions for industrial applications, particularly piping systems on the on hand and skids on the other.

2004: Benedetti Adriano is renamed AB S.r.l..

1996 – 2006: As a result of a constant company growth, staff is doubled from seven to 15 employees

1995: Antonella and Alessandro Benedetti, children of Adriano, take over the company. At the same time they begin diversify activities with a particular focus on industrial applications and special machinery.

1973: AB Carpenterie is founded by Adriano Benedetti under the name “Benedetti Adriano azienda individuale“. The company focuses on the transformation of iron in handcrafted manufacturing for the construction and furnishing industry.